Wells Memorial Library


Wells Memorial Library in Upper Jay opened to the public in 1907, and was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. The property along the bank of the Au Sable River was donated by Jean Wells and her husband, Craig Smith. They wanted the structure to be built in the same Tudor revival style as their "summer cottage" (really a 14 bedroom mansion) Wellscroft. Over the years, the library was a center of culture and community activities for the little hamlet. Tropical Storm Irene nearly destroyed the library in 2011, but through insurance, grants and generous donations (including thousands of books) the library reopened in January 2012, more beautiful than ever.

The hard wood floors, solid wood shelves, Stickley furnishings and decorative fireplace create a welcoming environment. Art exhibits grace the walls and allow local artists to display paintings and photographs on a rotating basis.

One of Upper Jay’s most notable residents, Arto Monaco, who designed the Land of Makebelieve, a theme park for children donated the hand-crafted train which holds picture books in the delightful children's area.